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Frequently Asked Questions - Updated January 2021

Is this a good time to start an ironing service - what about coronavirus?
Whilst customer enquiries have reduced during lockdown, our members are still reporting a steady stream of business. Under government guidelines, laundry / ironing services are allowed to continue trading. Once we come out of lockdown again, we would expect there to be a big rebound in customer enquiries. So this will be an ideal time to get things setup - then you will be well placed and ready to go as soon as normality returns.

How much can I make ironing?

Depending on your speed, £20 - over £30 per hour is highly realistic. With practice, you will get faster and soon be flying through the shirts!

Take a look at the real life examples of profits in the video below...

What's included in the Ironing Service in a Box?
Our Ironing Service in a Box contains everything you need to launch a successful ironing business (apart from the iron and board), and assumes no previous knowledge. Click here to see the contents.

How do I get customers?
As part of our service, we will design an ironing website for you and submit it to Google. So when a customer is looking for an ironing service in your area, they will search on Google, find your website and make an enquiry. We've helped set up hundreds of Ironing Services throughout the UK and help generate a steady stream of new ironing customers for our clients via the web.

Do I need a transport to run an ironing service?
Although a car or van is useful for collecting ironing from (and returning to) your customers, it is by no means essential. We have set up ironing services for many traders that do not have transport - in these cases, the customer drops off and collects the ironing from their premises.

Will I be able to get a copy of any artwork, so I can reprint my own leaflets etc, or do you retain some sort of copyright?

Yes, the artwork is camera ready, and you are free to reproduce it. Alternatively, we can reprint further leaflets for you.

Normally websites alone cost far more, so what's the catch?
We specialise in setting up ironing service websites, so we can set them up quickly and cost effectively. We us a proven template that is fully customisable to give you a professional looking, but individual website. We have our own server which we use for hosting the websites, so we can keep the costs to a minimum. The only other charge we make is the website renewal fee at the end of each year to cover the renewal of the domain name and continual hosting of your website (see 'terms' below).

I know nothing about running a website - does that matter?
Absolutely not. We set up everything for you. We'll even register your site with the search engines, like Google, so customers will find you on the web. If a new customer wants to contact you, they will either phone you, or fill in the form on your website, which will be sent to you as an email enquiry. So as long as you can reply to emails, that's all you'll have to worry about.

Is your service a franchise?
No, franchises tend to cost thousands of pounds and you may be tied into a contract or be forced to buy specific products or services. We just provide you with the tools to launch you own independent business and you keep all the profits!

I've never done anything like this before, what if I get stuck?
Because we are an established business, if you have a problem, chances are we've been there, done it - so we know the solution. We're only a phone call away if you need help or advice!

How do I get started?
You need to order our Ironing Service in a box. The quickest way to get going is to sign up online with your credit or debit card and we'll start setting up your new business within 24 hours. Click here to sign up now

Are there any hidden charges?
At the end of each year there is a £45 renewal fee which covers the hosting of your website, and the renewal of your domain name (website address). Also, once you have used up the initial 500 leaflets which we supply, you may want to order additional leaflets from us.

Still got questions?
It's quick and easy to chat with us in Bristol, UK - just click here: Message us on WhatsApp whatsapp or Facebook Messenger

There is an initial payment (£125 - £175). This covers everything for the first year (website design, hosting and domain name; Hints and Tips booklet, Google promotion etc). At the end of each each year, there is an annual renewal fee of £45 (this covers the hosting and domain name renewal). You may also request amendments and updates to your website. You may cancel at any time.

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